Baseball Dreams Come True on Cape Cod

Baseball and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly! People dream of summer nights at the ballpark. It’s where memories are made. The smell of roasting hot dogs and popcorn popping is second only to the crack of a bat and the sound of the crowd cheering.

Major league parks are packed with fans all summer, with the exception of a few key people: the next generation of big leaguers.

As the college world series winds down, college athletes head home for some much-needed rest, but the most elite of those players make the trek to Cape Cod, Massachusetts to play on a team in the Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL). The CCBL is one of, if not the most, competitive collegiate baseball leagues in the nation.

According to the book, The Last Best League, written by Jim Collins, one out of every six major league baseball players get their start in the CCBL. Some notable Red Sox alumni of the league include Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Varitek, Jackie Bradley Jr., Joe Kelly, Steven Wright, Kevin Millar, and Kevin Youkilis.

Fans enjoying a CCBL game at Spillane Field, home of the Wareham Gatemen!

Players from coast to coast make the journey up to the small towns on the Cape to show the big league scouts what they can do.

Fans vacationing on Cape Cod for the summer fill the 10 small stadiums sprinkled across the Cape. However, don’t let the size of the field fool you. These games are anything but a backyard ballgame. Scouts lounge behind home plate searching for the next great players. Tomorrow’s superstars are born on the Cape.

The CCBL fields are where dreams come true for young, talented players, and also for interns trying to make it in the world of broadcasting, scouting, and community relations.

The CCBL is a nonprofit organization so entry to the games are free, however some teams may ask for a donation. Players will gladly practice their autograph for anyone who asks and hot dogs are always on the grill!

For more information about the Cape Cod Baseball League click here


Author: thesoxsweetheart

Just a Red Sox enthusiast whose life is in Southeastern Massachusetts but whose heart is at Fenway Park

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