Sox Standouts this Season

22 games into the season and the Red Sox are still searching for their groove. While the pitching has been generally consistent and reliable, the offense has been rather lackluster. The Red Sox are sitting in the middle of the AL East, currently 3 games behind the Yankees. But there is plenty of time to catch up!

Although the offense collectively may be experiencing a beginning slump, there are a few key players who have been standouts throughout this young season!

Chris Sale is on track to win his first Cy Young award. With the second lowest ERA in MLB (1.19) and the most strikeouts in MLB so far this season (52), Sale is proving to be just as successful as promised. And while his 1-2 record may look meek, his power is anything but!

But Sale isn’t the only new Red Sox performing well so far this season! Mitch Moreland is proving to be “More” than expected! In the 22 games the Sox have on the season, Moreland has 24 hits (half of those being doubles). His power at the plate and athleticism at first make him an anchor for this 2017 team.

But if we are talking about power and talent, we need to acknowledge Andrew Benintendi. The rookie has come up strong this season with 27 hits and a .325 batting average. Though he is young, he seems anything but inexperienced.

The youth in this team is coming in strong this season, as expected. Xander Bogaerts remains a top offensive stand-out this season. Though the slumping hitters may be missing the power and guidance of David Ortiz, Bogaerts is proving yet again why he deserves his spot on the team. He’s got over 20 hits and a .313 average so far this season. And though he batted sixth on opening day (after missing much of Spring Training due to his participation in the World Baseball Classic), Xander has worked himself up to the lead-off position.

MLB: ALDS-Cleveland Indians at Boston Red Sox
Xander Bogaerts at the plate! PHOTO CREDIT: BoSox Injection

With Xander leading off, where does that put Dustin Pedroia? At sixth where Xander started. With the nasty slide at second in the Orioles series, which left Pedey benched with an injured knee, his season has been just shy of everyone’s hopes. But I think he just needs to find his rhythm and we will see great things from him going forward.

So is the offense off to a slow start? Yes. But do they have the potential to do amazing things this season? Absolutely! And I have a feeling we will breakout soon!


Author: thesoxsweetheart

Just a Red Sox enthusiast whose life is in Southeastern Massachusetts but whose heart is at Fenway Park

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